Your website may well be your most important marketing tool. Even if you don’t expect it to directly win you clients or sales it is an invaluable opportunity for representing yourself and your business to anyone interested, so it is vital that it says exactly the right things about you, and in the right way.

At getpepper™ we can help you rework an existing site, or start afresh on something new. We tailor our web design process to suit each client, but broadly it goes something like this:

  1. initial consultation: A chance to check each other out! We seek to understand enough about you, your business and what you want to achieve with your site to allow us to put together a full proposal and quote for the work.
  2. contract agreement: If you are happy with our proposal, and decide that you would like us to start work, we normally ask for a proportion of our fee as a deposit, with an interim payment at an agreed project milestone, and the balance due as the site becomes live.
  3. graphic design: We start by drafting the look and feel of the site, based on your existing branding, or by working with you to develop a new visual identity, logo and colour scheme.